The mission of the JLTGG program is to educate the public about geology and its association with long-term land conservation.  The program offers presentations on topics of general public interest, and periodic field trips to important geologic features in the Jefferson County region.


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The Jefferson Land Trust Geology Group is a volunteer association of local folks interested in geology.

We provide several programs each year to foster our community's general understanding of geology and the specific geology of our local terrain.  Our programs are open to the public

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The Jefferson Land Trust Geology Group


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Upcoming Events:

Bluffs Workshop: Jan 15

Geology, Terroir & Wine: May 2



Wendy Gerstel

“Bluff Retreat—What to do about the Law of Averages”

February 28

Sat., 4pm

Quimper UU Fellowship

2333 San Juan Ave.

Port Townsend

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